Something in Those Trees

Four years ago I was walking my dog near this place(I can be more specific if anyone is interested), it was near to a large acreage of agricultural land and it was so peaceful to walk around and very still…..strangely my dog began to growl deep within his chest, a strange sound I hadn’t heard from him, his fur began to stand on end and then he became frightened no longer growling and began to wimper …

There was no one around. No one. His eyes just locked towards a thick of trees in front of us. I had the most God awful feeling that we were being watched by something, it was a gut feeling of fear and danger- what of I have no idea, just an instinctive deep paralyzing fear. There was something in those trees.

I tugged and pulled and finally got my dog to follow me. I could not get away from there quick enough. I have told family and friends of this strange experience in the past but never thought anything of it. Until now.

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