Staring at a UFO June 26, 2015 Lake City, FL off W HWY 90

I had to stop off at a gas station on my trip back to Sandy Springs GA. and went to a Shell off HWY W 90 to get fuel and a drink. Walking back to my car that I parked aside from the pumps. I saw the bright light incoming. First I thought it was just bright Venus then I could actually tell it was moving. It was very powerful light then I went to thinking it was just a helicopter although no noise except cars starting up.

The light was getting a touch bigger and shining with a powerful light of some kind. I didn’t see any flashing beacons or anything on it just the light. There was no cloud cover and I thought any moment it would reveal itself as a standard airplane or helicopter and buzz over. I hung out with my car door halfway open and continued to watch for a minute. I was certain it was moving forward and I could see it would slightly bob up in the sky or kind of shake. It still didn’t pass over never getting closer it seemed to be staying put. I turned around to the gas station store and looked to see if anybody else was looking at this thing. People were going about there business no one was looking up. I turned back to it and the light was gone. Waiting for a few minutes sitting in my car the light never reappeared.

I don’t know what it was. I thought about it all the way back to Sandy Springs. It was too large and too bright to be a balloon, drone, or regular airplane. Maybe some kind of meteor but it was going straight not down and it was there for such a long time. It was quite large and the light was very unusual in nature.

– Justin Thatcher

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