stoney moment

One time I got extremely baked at a friend’s house and we had to part ways so I drove home a bit buzzed and saw my low fuel light was on so I pulled over at the next gas station I saw. I pulled up to the pump and walked inside to pay so I could also get some munchies and blunts. Got a bag of doritos, chocolate chip cookies, a no fear soda, and a spicey slim jim beef jerky, and walked to the counter. I also got $20 of gas. I payed the man at the register and tried to get out of the door but struggled a bit. The door wouldn’t open right. He told me “You have to use the door that says Exit.” I looked back with my red bloodshot eyes feeling like an idiot and nodded at him like with a fake smile. I got in my car and pulled off quickly trying to drive and eat a handful of chips I stopped at the next red light and crunched away happily. I looked at the dashboard and saw my low fuel light still on. GOD DAMNIT!!!! I forgot to pump the gas! I turned my whip right around luckily only driving for a couple of minutes before noticing this. I pulled back up to the same pump and it was still ready to go. I could see the attendant inside the quick mart window looking at me with a huge smile on his face. Never went back to that gas station.

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