Strange craft over McClellan AFB

I was working out at McClellan AFB, now McClellan Industrial Park, Sacramento, California, early one August morning eleven years ago, circa 0500. Just before dawn. I noticed three unusual lights in a triangle formation approaching from NW, low and slow. At first I thought it was a flight of three helicopters. As they approached they began making a wide 90 degree turn that passed directly over me. They, “it,” was clearly lit up by the reflected light from a large transportation yard. I could see it very well, and because it was going so slow watched it at fairly close range for more than a minute. It was a “flying wing,” with an estimated span of 200-300 feet, pretty big, boomerang shape, no position lights – so it wasn’t a legal aircraft – just three brilliant white lights pointed straight down, one at the apex, one near each wing tip. No fuselage, no tail. And no sound. Absolutely silent.

I’ve been close to flybys by B2s and F117s, which are pretty quiet, as airplanes go, but not silent. This was silent. It was calm and quiet, no wind, no traffic noise. I can hear a sail plane at 1,000 feet, but I couldn’t hear this.
It flew directly over me and went off to the NE. I have three friends, all retired Air Force, two colonels, one captain, who tell me they have tracked UFOs on radar, two as EW officers on B52s during Vietnam on ferry flights over the Pacific. One of those got his wings and flew 3 tours as a FAC pilot and combat flight instructor. The other was an F102 driver stationed in Alaska, tells me they were scrambled to intercept UFO’s spotted on radar “many times, but they were so much faster than us. Sometimes we’d get close enough to see them, then they’d just take off like we were parked. “Faster than us” is fast, the 102 is a 2.5 mach airplane. And they all say the were told the same thing during their debriefs. Don’t talk about it. Do that, it’ll mess up your career. They don’t know each other, so they didn’t collaborate to make it up for me. And they are all certain that UFOs are real, whatever they are.

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