Strange Creature in the Woods Big Cypress 2009

I was hiking alone on a trail in Big Cypress. Something I like to do a couple times a year for a few days. Cypress is a huge nature preserve with nothing but wilderness. Hiking a good 2.5 miles into a trail I saw this strange creature up in the trees. A white furred monkey man with large yellow eyes. It looked like it was 4 feet tall. It was perched on a large branch intersecting V of a large tree. He was about 10 to 12 feet high up. The face was tan with no standout features except the huge eyes. We had a staredown for less than 10 seconds. My thinking is I had caught it completely by surprise. It turned to the side latched on to the big tree and shuffled itself to the otherside of the tree out of my site.

Still seeing it’s claws I approached the tree. As I walked closer I could see it hug itself to the tree and angle the body so I couldn’t see it. What the hell could it be I pondered. It moved like a monkey, but it seemed to have claws like a raccoon. I got right up to the tree and it kept moving to avoid me but i could see part of the body as he moved. I didn’t see any tail but white fluff. He then tree hopped several trees over in a blink. HE WAS SO FAST! It was more like he flew! The trees didn’t bend like he was very heavy. It was hard to track what tree he stopped at. I tried to wade through the brush to get up to him to try and catch a photo but I couldn’t see him at all now. I waited for a good while to see him again I went back onto the trail I didn’t want to get lost or play the cat and mouse game anymore.

When I walked off back onto the trail I probably less than .10 miles I heard what I can only describe as a screeching exotic animal cry. Difficult to describe and not of the norm. I’ve searched for what animals are native to the preserve or even the state haven’t seen anything like it. The only animal I’ve seen that resembles anything about it was the eyes of a tarsier.

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