Strange Creature on Road Neshoba County, Mississippi 1965

I don’t usually tell this story for obvious reasons but in 1965 I was driving home in Neshoba County Mississippi. It was late and it was a little foggy, so I was driving our Pontiac Bonneville (those had long hoods back then) when suddenly a creature ran out in front of me. It had stopped, frozen with fear, throwing both hands up, staring at me.

I stopped in time and was paralyzed with fear. I could see his head just above the hood, hands with fingers spread had a weblike material connecting the fingers up to about the knuckles, wide eyed no hair, oval face, very short, no clothing, dark skin looked wet and round dark eyes full of fear. We just stared at eachother for a moment, until he suddenly ran on to the other side of the road. We remained motionless for a while longer before peeling off.

I know…I can hardly believe it myself and I experienced it. Down there they’re called the ‘little people’ and although rarely seen people swear they exist. I know it sounds insane but it’s true. -Seahawk Lady

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