Strange event in ’75

In 1975 we were walking home & Suddenly The wind Stopped, the colour of the sky changed to a purple colour, the air was very thick making it hard to breath but the worst was this low pitched humming in our ears it was deafening but quiet. i’ve never heard a noise so unearthly before or since it was terriffied. We tried to run against the thick air but it was like being held back . Others stood in their garden and shouted to us to get home quick something was wrong. When we got home my Dad got my Cassette Recoder en taped the noise for 34minutes he also rang the police who said they were aware of the situation nothing to worry abt. but wouldn’t say what The Situation was which is unusual because he was a Journalist & normally The Services shared all local News with him. It later apreard that The Militiary had been the in one of the Village fields later that night ? and also that field showed signs of a large field fire. Why The Military before The Fire Brigade .

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