Strange Experience While Looking For My Cat

Years ago, following surgery. My cat had gone missing. I searched the house garden etc. Then decided to go into the nearby church yard. I was walking slowly, still recovering from the surgery, I past by a pub where a dodgy looking chap was just coming out. I thought it strange that he didn’t walk past me, as I was going so cautiously.

However, I reached the church yard & began calling my cats name, turning I was startled to see this dodgy bloke, grinning at me and about to make a grab for me, when suddenly a man, woman & a youth, presumably their son I thought literally popped up from behind one of the grave stones. The dodgy bloke was startled and ran for it. I explained to the three of them I was searching for my cat. The lady leaned forward and said kindly ‘I think you had better go home dear, you look unwell’ Which I did, upset though as no sign of the cat.

Weeks later I checked the grave from whence these lovely people had no doubt saved me from a dreadful fate, expecting to see the graves cared for, it wasn’t. Hadn’t been cared for in years.

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