Strange meteor or something else?

Back when I lived in Denver Colorado in late 2008 I was driving to work early in the morning and I saw something in the sky. All I thought it was was a meteor coming in. Well except what it did was make a 90 degree turn as I watched it. That was very uncharacteristic of a everyday meteor. It was glowing a solid bright green but it seemed to have an orange trail or tail to it. The green body of the object seemed to be rotating in place as it moved. It slowed down as it went over the mountain side and seemed to descend almost as it was landing. I feel it hung around too long to be a meteor. It kind of appeared into my view within a couple seconds and then I watched it go out for a while. For maybe another 20 seconds. I drove off to work and shrugged it off as a meteor. But down the line the more I thought about it I thought THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT! I still can’t say it wasn’t a meteor, but it didn’t act or look like I know a meteor to look. Maybe when it hit that ionosphere the metals in the rock had some kind of reaction which caused it to rotate as it traveled and then made it slow down and change direction?

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