Strange things in the old Maisonette

In 1984 my parents moved out of our family home, it was maisonette behind an old leafy high street, I stayed in my own room which always seemed to feel empty. It was OK for about a year until some strange things started to happen, one morning, half asleep something, or somethings started to lift the bed up and down..I was petrified.

I half shrugged it off and didn’t tell anyone. afew weeks later during dead of night, something was sifting through some boxes in the corner, i was frozen until it stopped..In another incident my toe was being pinched..bizarrely,one evening I actually confronted whatever it was ending with me shadow boxing the air..It was driving me mad..I went to live with my girlfriend shortly after and dreaded visiting my parents and going upstairs..I hate that room to this day.

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