Strange U.F.O. Abilene, Texas 1992

I’ll share my U.F.O. sighting. So I seen one when I was about 15. This was in Abilene tx in summer 1992. I saw a very large single light rising up out above the thick about 400ft above the trees and the light purged several smaller lights that swarmed around the larger stationary light – all of them different colors. These smaller objects circled the large one in a fast orbit flashing different colors. It was incredible there was clear intelligence behind its operations.

After watching it briefly it would then re-gather the lights a they became part of the large light ball and it proceeded to descend back into the trees only to repeat the process a few minutes later. After the second time it blasted up into the clouds. I could still see the light from it in the sky for another minute or so before it faded away into a spec. I Never did figure out what it was and I guess I never will.

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