Strong Arm robbery commited by a Lesbian Nurse Gang

I was the victim of a horrific robbery in 2007. I am still damaged from this event and should probably seek therapy. Letting it out on this website will help I think.

Back in the summer of 2007 I was working at this retail store in a latin area of the city. There were alot of spanish speaking language only people who would shop at this store and buy cell phones. They were at the least 50% of our customer base. Selling cell phones w/ contracts is how we could make our money because we were paid a lowly plebeian wage. We had a pushy manager we’ll call “Sardine” who was from the middle east. We had a real cute girl assistant manager who helped me get through the day. And we also had an old school hippy we’ll call Ponytail Rob and he just happened to speak fluent spanish. He had the major edge and would steal customers from you and even talk about you infront of them in spanish. Son of a bitch! Google translator was my only friend and he failed me many a time with laughter and confusion from the customers.

One day I was using the translator trying to get a family plan going for a spanish speaking fellow and his family. The only word in english he knew was “Yes.” While struggling to complete the sale with them.. 3 butch dyke type linebacker size ladies entered our store wearing nurse uniforms and fanned out in formation. They scoured the room. We had some cheap 50$ stereos by the front of the door and mid level priced products towards the middle of the store. Each one asking about different products. Being a young guy at the time I didn’t notice anything that was going on. Ponytail Rob was winding up another large sale from behind the counter. Sardine was next to him showing the leader of the gang I suppose some expensive GPS from under the glass. This one had huge chunky forearms the size of my quad. I was still with my guy trying to get his (what turned out to be fake) driver’s license number to process in the system to make the sale.

Without any warning this gargantuan gorilla tried to snatch that GPS right out of Sardine’s hands. They grappled over it and he got it away from her as she shrieked something in the air that only a bigfoot would understand. She ran towards the door like the flash plowing through a display stand like Warren Sapp and got to the others who picked up one of the $50 or $60 stereo and speaker from this display closest to the door and rushed out the door. Sardine ran after them and Ponytail Rob was right behind him. The nurse gang had a car waiting outside. Diabolical! There was a 4th member! They all 3 got in with the merch and tried to make a quick turn out the parking lot but it was an old car.

Sardine caught up to them and got the driver door open while it was still moving he reached in and tried to grab the keys from the ignition but he was no match for these beasts and they pummeled him while he was partially in the car. They got the door closed and in one final effort from Sardine, he tried to grab the bumper. While Ponytail Rob was struggling to open the passenger side. They failed.

The assistant manager called The cops and it took an hour to get there and another 2 to write the report while I was trying to get another fake Mexican ID to process. The gang was long gone with those new sweet sounds. The image of polka dots and high velocity flubber I could never quite shake. I had to move away out of state as it was all too much for me to risk happen a 2nd time.


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