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Something in Those Trees

Four years ago I was walking my dog near this place(I can be more specific if anyone is interested), it was near to a large acreage of agricultural land and it was so peaceful to walk around and very still…..strangely … Continue reading

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Tall, Thin, Pitch Black Creature near Chelveston, Northants 2005

Around 12 years ago when I was 16 me and 3 friends were walking down a road one night. I was linking arms with a girl and the 2 other friends were up ahead about 50m. Suddenly I saw this … Continue reading

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Grandad’s encounter with unknown animal

Many years ago my nan and grandad were in Wales on their motorcycle and side car and it was dark. As they went down a dark country lane there was an animal/wolf was standing on its hind legs right in … Continue reading

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My Vision and NDE / OBE

I’ve had a number of operations during my life but only one near death experience. I ‘woke’ during surgery, my mind was awake but not my body, I couldn’t move or speak but I could think, first reaction panic believing … Continue reading

OBE At Dentist

Aged about 9 or 10 years I had been taken to the dentist for an extraction, in those days,I am now 70, gas was the method of anaesthesia and I hated the smell of the mask and taste of the … Continue reading