Tall, Thin, Pitch Black Creature near Chelveston, Northants 2005

Around 12 years ago when I was 16 me and 3 friends were walking down a road one night. I was linking arms with a girl and the 2 other friends were up ahead about 50m. Suddenly I saw this human shaped thing, about 8-9 ft tall, very thin, and pitch b/lack. It ran incredibly fast for its size, seemingly directly in front of one of my mates up ahead, and then it went behind a smallish bush. But we didn’t come out the other side.

What was weird was that at the exact same time me and the girl I was linking arms with shouted “What the f*ck?”, so I knew she saw it to. I ran up to the bush and found nothing, and my 2 mates didn’t see it come out either. We don’t know where it could have gone from behind the bush.

Now I believe myself to be rather academicish, and it wasn’t a trick of my eyes as my mates saw it to, and it was way, way too dark to be any sort of shadow. Trust me this thing was real. It was an alive something! It happened near a old army air base in Chelveston, Northants.

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