Tapped on Shoulder by Guardian Spirit

Reminds me of a Friday I woke up and for some reason had the feeling to sleep 10 more minutes. I never do that once I’m up I’m up. I drive 90 miles to work on the interstate. I drive fast and listen to amazon music mp3 on my phone. It was middle of winter around 5am. As I was approaching the on ramp, I felt this heavy tap on my shoulder, so heavy that it actually hurt. Not to mention it scared the beezjesus out of me. I thought for sure it must somehow be a vagrant that got in the backseat.

I pull over and no one is there. It’s just me in the car. I collected myself, then I proceeded to head to work. I come up to stand still traffic. Apparently there was a car parked in the left lane of the interstate. The accident happened within a minute of when I was tapped.

The scariest part is had I left on time I would have hit that car outside of Litchfield parked in the left lane with no lights on. I usually am that mile marker. I probably wouldn’t be writing this comment had my guardian angels not been there. I know they are real. that tap was him or her telling me that he or she saved my life.

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