the man in my bedroom

Not too long ago I had what I think was my first paranormal experience. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning per usual and went to the living room to watch the news and drink my coffee as to not bother the wife. I watched the news for about 30 minutes when I heard a man talking. I paused the television and sipped my coffee listening quietly. I heard a guy talking which I thought was in the hallway it was faint but continuous. Thinking it was people from another apartment outside leaving for work early I resumed watching the news and didn’t notice the talking anymore. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes later I heard a man talking again. This time it was much louder and closer but I couldn’t make out much of anything that was being said just a few words here and there. Slightly irritated I began watching the boring news again. Trying to mentally prepare myself for the work day I blew at my hot coffee. I then heard the talking again. It was even louder then before but still muffled. It sounded like it was coming from my bedroom this time. I thought maybe my wife had hit the alarm clock and turned on a radio station somehow. Like I said I couldn’t make out what was being said but I heard one party of the conversation. It sounded like a heated conversation. A bit freaked out I jumped up and walked in the dark hallway to the bedroom. I heard the man talking the whole time up until I was about to round the corner to the bedroom and all I heard was the fan my wife uses at night. Total silence besides the fan. I flipped on the light and said “What the FUCK was that? What were you doing? What was that baby?” My wife just laid there clutching a pillow not opening her eyes. I repeated it again she wouldn’t wake up. I just watched her for a minute trying to understand what was going on. I left the bedroom and turned off the light. I resumed watching the news trying to finish my coffee before going to work.

She came into the room about 25 minutes later and sat down next to me. I asked her what was she doing. She said she was fighting a man in her dream and she was trying to rid him by chanting the hail mary to him. She said that she felt as if this demon man was getting off on trying to hurt her and scare her. She explained he was getting pleasure from it in a sexual manner. She said she felt paralyzed and powerless against facing this man and began the hail mary. She told me a bit more detail about it that day I can’t remember at the moment. I told her that I heard the man’s voice. She got a bit freaked out and tried to reassure me that I just heard her “chanting.” I challenged her and told her I clearly heard a man. I explained to her what I thought it was about the neighbors and radio and she said she never had the alarm go off or radio come on. We have talked about this a few times since then and she refuses to discuss it further. She has briefly told me of a few other of these type of experiences she has had and is totally terrified to discuss these subjects any further. Her eyes tear up and her defensive walls go up as well. I try to rationalize what it was but I can’t really believe anything else except it was something unexplainable.


I was recounting the incident to one of our sons one afternoon. He is moderately interested in the paranormal and unexplained. We were home alone sitting in the living room with the TV off. The lights in the entrance/hallway were on but none of the others. These lights were on a track type of setting on the ceiling with 3 studio lights a row. I began to tell him the story of what I experienced that early morning before work. Not having told this story to anyone else besides my wife who was involved I tried to remember as much detail as I could. When I began to speak about the part of the story where I heard the mans voice again and began walking towards the bedroom. just then one of the bright lights dimmed as we both watched in astonishment. The light on the track slowly dimmed completely out. This freaked us both out for a minute and I stopped telling the story to him and walked around the house and grabbed a cig. I walked back into the room where my son was still sitting in the recliner looking a bit bewildered staring up at the light that had gone out saying that was crazy. We both agreed that it could have been just a bad bulb but the timing of it happening just as I got to the juicy part of the story was very eery.

Finally trying to convince myself that it was just a bad bulb I began trying to tell the story where I had left off. But I could not overcome the very strange vibe I had in my body since that light went out. Remembering I have to set an example here of bravery to the boy I again shrugged it off as just coincidence. Getting back to the story I got to the very end as my son patiently listened to what I had saw and his mom’s version of the events. I finished the story and looked at him to see his final reaction. Just then, the light bulb that had went out, slowly began to dim back on. We both nervously laughed at the same time! But we freaking couldn’t believe the timing of this light. I got a chill that ran down my spine and made my eyes water. We discussed this for a bit longer trying to rationalize. I asked him if he had ever seen problems with the light before and he said no. He soon went to his room and got on his computer. Still disturbed by this I quickly left the apartment and went to the gym! He was on his own!

We later told my wife when she came home. She quickly dismissed the whole thing saying the light was bad. She then dismissed the demon dream she had as well. Her belief is that if you acknowledge these ‘things’ that you let them into your life. Anyways we tried to convince her that it went off in a key point in the story and came back on as soon as I completed telling the story. It was fucking creepy. So yeah 2 months later the light is still ‘good’. Just thought I’d update you on this event.

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