They’re here

I have seen three orbs. One late evening three orbs in triangle formation passed over nearby rooftops. Their centres were brighter than their edges. I was with my 75 year old mother. I knew what they were and was about to get us in doors fast when something told me to stop. We did. Some twenty seconds later and single orb passed between the houses on a different track. I think they hunt for people. I get a sense of knowing something about these craft. Some years earlier, again at night, we saw a single much larger craft hover in cloud for an hour with circles of spotlights rotating anticlockwise. At one point it caused sheet-lightning above the clouds. Since then I often see blue flashes of light about the house – not the fuzz. My mother had a bright light fly up to her window on night. And pass through the window. She said she fell asleep after it came in and doesn’t seem to think too much about it. They’re here folks and they’re doing what they like.

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