Things that have happened to me

There’s been so many times where strange things have happened to me. For example, staying at a friends dads house one night and hearing the bedside radio crackle beside me and hear it retune while I lay under the covers in shock.. When I woke, I seen a nurse stand at the bottom of the bed. Creeped me out so bad I slept under the covers all night sweating and uncomfortable but didn’t want to lift the covers off. Even weirder, my friends dad had a baby a few years back and in the same house, the baby (now aged 4) wakes in the night shouting there’s a boy by his bed. Other rooms in that house made me freeze on the spot and feel a rush of nausea. Definitely the creepiest house I’ve ever been in. You feel it as soon as you enter. I’m still sceptical and will remain too until a spirit comes up to me and says “hi I’m a ghost” and some how’s proves it haha. I will hope and hope there is an afterlife but those experiences definitely happened to me.

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