Thought it was paranormal

One morning at about 4:00 AM I had to take a wee really badly. It was a deep sleep awakening, kidney bursting type of pee that needed to be expressed and preferring it not be in me bed I headed to the loo for a proper go. Upon reaching the throne, I unsheathed my sword and prepared to let my gold mana flow into the blue oasis of solitude and knowledge. Seeing the shadow of one of my books on the sink countertop I reminisced of the learning that has been done here at this altar of Leviathan. I aligned my docile flopper to have the needed arc to make it over the toilet seat rim without having to lift the toilet seat. No time for that shit. Placing my left hand on the countertop I leaned on it as I balanced myself there. I was going to take a nap while I pee I thought to myself as the stream was going strong with perfect accuracy…….. As far as I know.

This is when I heard something that startled me and made me stand perfectly still. It was this buzzing sound that started and was pretty loud it was almost like a grinding sound. Quickly I turned my head and looked over my right shoulder but saw nothing in the darkness and shadows of the cracked open door. Trying to finish the job I felt in a most vulnerable position and excalibur was rendered useless and the deposit was incomplete. Doing a triple shake I tucked and turned to my left and looked up at the old style wall clock. It was the source of the buzzing. Both hands of the clock were spinning counter clockwise like crazy. The clock looked possessed. This kind of spooked me as we have had some odd things happen in this house before. Running to the bedroom I was about to wake my wife when I remembered a brief conversation where she said many months ago one of her clocks automatically sets itself for daylight savings time. Feeling like an fool I just got into bed and went back to sleep. Glad I didn’t disturb the wife and feel like a bigger prat! It would have been bad. You don’t wake a sleeping dragon unless you are prepared to fight to the death.

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