time shift?

when i was about 20 years old still living with my parents in michigan i had soomething weird happen to me. a shift in time. it is only way i can explain to you what it was. one night when my family decided to go out to dinner and a movie i stayed home and played a video game instead of going with them. well i was in the basement at this time and you can hear every floorboard creak and every step someone makes in the basement. you can hear the dog nails click when they walk. to make the long story short i heard the garage door open and it was them comming home.i heard all 4 of them walking around in the kitchen and the dogs scattering about on the hardwood floor. so i decide to go upstairs and see if they bring me any food. i go there to the kitchen and it is dark. the dogs asleep in the bed. nobody is up there? how can it be they left so quickly. i look to the garage it is empty. i look around the rest of the house it is empty as can be. i went downstairs to go back to the computer dumbfounded as to what i heard. after thinking about it for a little while i play the game again. with a few minutes pass i hear the garage door open again. and them walking around up there with the dogs hopping around. i heard the samething again! i run as fast as possible up the stairwel to find them standing in the kitchen socializing. i ask them where they go and they told me to the dinner movie. they said they never came back until now. i dont know what happened or what to call it but i heard them come home the first time 100% loud and pristine. and the same exact thing the second time also. the floors are thin not even the smalls dogs by themselves can make that commotion by themselves. thanks

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