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I used to work at a pizza joint back in the 90’s. In those days we had an over with a type of conveytor belt that would run the pizza thru for the right amount of time. When it popped out the other side you use the big metal spatula to take it off the track and put it in the box. Sounds easy enough right? Well one night we were a bit backed up with delivery orders and we were in a rush to get these boxed, stocked, and ready to go out the door.

A specialty pizza that we had forgotten about until late finally came out the back of the oven. Standing in position I carefully went grab it with the big spatula and put it in the box. My technique was a bit off on this one as I misjudged the weight of this XL and the pie slid right off and fell face first onto the dirty tile floor. I instantly said SHIT. My assistant manager echoed my sentiments and we scrambled to pick the pizza up off the floor. Sustaining minimal damage we brushed off the hair and dust off the top. She quickly ran to the topping station and patched the holes in the damaged cheese wheel. I tried to assist and apply extra pepperoni, but I was elbowed with her prickly fat arm and told to GET AWAY.

I watched in confusion as she put the pizza back in the oven. When I asked if she was going to cook it again she said she was just melting the cheese and cleaning off the germs. That pizza was delivered to happy customers that night.

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