Transparent Old Lady

There are plenty of fakes and jokesters out there messing around on the internet and it has made genuine stories and videos harder to be believed, so no thanks to them because we still have no better understanding about these topics. Here is mine when I was 5 when my family moved into a RAF house in Gloucester on the return to UK from a long trip to Malaysia. I’ve experienced my bed was rocking & pillows sent flying across the room almost every nights while I was little and it happened while I’m on the bed still.

I felt so alone and scared at 1st but I got used to it as my family was unsupportive about this and I was not to be believed I was just a kid with a wild imagination. When I was 8 years old, I first saw a transparent figure of an old lady with laced cottoned clothes & long scrawl drifted toward me without ever touching the floor. She stopped about 4 feet infront of me I could see her like a real person just through her and then she disappeared right there.

Eventually my family at the different times saw these ghosts too and finally told me about it. We were all convinced by the time I was age 11. So this went on til my family moved to another RAF base after 7 years of living in this house dealing with these manifesting spirits. We think the house was built over the ancient Cemetery of fallen soldier that may have upsets those who rested below. Please keep an open mind it happens to some of us.

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