Trespasser in our hotel room at the Roosevelt 2014

I stayed at the Roosevelt last year and knew nothing about its history. It was quite apparent it’s an old building and the lobby is amazing. We stayed in room 229, not by request or anything, for 3 nights. On the third day i was getting ready about 6pm to go to a concert. I thought there was a marilyn impersonator in our room because i saw their reflection in the mirror and the hotel is on hollywood so there are impersonaters just down the street. I thought they’d broken in and were robbing us so i was scared and ran down to the reception desk. They were very calm and sent someone to check it out.

There were no signs of a break in, nothing had been taken or even disturbed and no one was there. Then they told me about the other sightings of her in that room. I waited for my husband to get back before going back to the room, i hurriedly got ready and we went to the concert. I didn’t sleep a wink that night. My husband thought I’d been mistaken and doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

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