Two flying saucers in Seattle 1995

One day back in like summer ’95 I was mowing my yard one day near Seattle trying to beat the coming drizzle. I hadn’t got very far when my gasoline mower suddenly quit running. I checked the gas level it was still halfway and I began to crank the mower to get it started. I pulled hard about 3 or 4 times with nothing. Tried again a few more times. I sat down on my patio to flip the mower and check to see if something was caught. As I got seated I looked up in the sky and over my home,I saw two white flying saucers fly right over my house. The sky was totally clear and they appeared to be about 13,00-15,000 feet up and traveling at a very high rate of speed. The saucers made no sound at all for moving at that speed. Several minutes later I had stood up and was still standing around looking to the sky. This is when saw a military jet fighter fly over my house going in the direction of the flying saucers. The jet was very loud and it had its afterburners activated. In my opinion we don’t have anything that could match these things. The differential in what appeared to be the fighters top speed was incomparable to those saucers. Even the local newspaper had a report the next day that many people claimed to of seen these saucers and called into the police station and airport.

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