UFO account January 13, 2015 Wichita Falls, Texas

@nibiruguru please post this really happened. the date was tuesday the 13 of january 2015. the location is wichita falls, texas. that tuesday night i was outside and i had just got off the phone with my sister who lives in arizona. i put my phone in my pocket and looked up into the pitch black sky. there were not many stars you could see. all off the sudden as i looked out there were 5 oblong discs that were moving together at an insane speed across the dark sky. each of the group had lights around them and them zipped around each other almost playfully. i say playful because unusual way they moved in relation to the others,

they did this in my view for about 4 minutes. long enough for me to run inside and grab my nikon coolpix digital cam. i kneew my cellphone camera would be shit. i snapped a few really good pictures of whatetever they were. i had kept trying to track them and get a better shot and then at once they were all gone. no flashy finale.

the next morning i went to look at the pictures with my morning tea. to my suprise my camera was blank. there were no photos at all. even the pictures of my grand baby and my christmas trip were gone. they were there the day before. i tried turning it off and back on again. all kinds of little tricks. no pictures! its never happened with this camera.

i know it sounds fruit loops but i swear to you this is what happened. can anyone explain this to me

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