UFO at Boarding School 1997

Whilst at boarding school in the year 1997 , during lights out I sneaked out of the dormitory around 2am, the lavatories were further away from the building and I desperately needed to take a leak. I went by the bushes and whilst looking up to the sky I came across this round object with rainbow like colours, the object had lights around it that kept changing to different colours and it appeared still in the sky for what seemed like a lifetime.

It appeared the aircraft was observing something as it hoovered silently in the same spot in the sky while I stood there amazed with a lump in my throat, and suddenly in a swoosh of bright light it sped away and vanished, I will never forget that moment, I told my mates at boarding school the following morning but they laughed it off except for one who had also seen the odd flying object some years earlier.

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