UFO Chased By Helicopter May 2, 2017 Jacksonville, FL

This happened May 2, 2017 at about 9:17 PM. I was leaving my house to stay at my girlfriend’s house for the evening. She stays only a few miles from me. Walking to my car I see down the street a bright white light coming from over the horizon towards me. I just thought it was a helicopter as I could hear the faint sound in the distance. I see a lot of those and also military planes at night.

I turned on my car and slowly pulled out to face the direction of the light. I started down the road when I noticed that the white light was actually a low flying diamond shaped aircraft. It had a light on each corner, but it was clearly diamond shaped. I was about to round a corner when I saw this and I pulled over and rolled down my window to get a better look. There was a helicopter hot on the trail of this thing and I could see its red beacon light on the under belly. The helicopter was very dark if not black. There was some cloud haze so I couldn’t see more details of either craft.

I’d estimate they were going about 40-50 MPH respectively. Interesting to note that the helicopter would seemingly get within 50 feet or less of the UFO. The flew off over the neighborhood and I lost total site of the UFO in the cloud haze, but I could still see the blinking red light of the helicopter. After not seeing either I began to pull off towards my destination again. There was a couple walking a little dog that emerged from the bushes by the pond. I wondered if they saw that whole thing, but I sped past them.

Driving down the road I did catch a glimpse of the helicopter for a second while managing my radio. A few minutes passed and I tried to clear my mind of what I had just saw. I pulled up to her gated community and searched her name on the directory. Waiting to be buzzed in I saw that same helicopter overhead her neighborhood now. It was moving slower than before and a touch lower in elevation. Less than 500ft. Now I could clearly see that it was a totally black helicopter. It seemed to be searching for the lights. The gate opened and I pulled through and then pulled over along side the curb on the right.

This is when I see at a distance from the helicopter and my car (it was just overhead of me now), simultaneously all 4 white lights switched on. The lights were probably 3 or more blocks away from us. It just sat there for about 20 seconds. The helicopter quickly changed direction and went right for the lights. The chopper was closing the distance and then the diamond craft took off away from it.

At this point I was so baffled by this I called my girlfriend. All I said was come outside you have got to see this! And I hung up. I drove slowly towards her house while watching the slow chase in the sky. The UFO was keeping a certain distance from the helicopter it could no longer get as close as when I was watching it earlier.

By the time I pulled up to her house they were difficult to see. She slowly came outside and by that time they were just 2 lights in the sky. I pointed to the lights. Individually I said do you see that bright white light there moving? And she said Yes. Then I asked do you see the blinking red light moving beside it? She said yes. Then I began to explain. Less than impressed she went back inside.

Anyways this happened in about 15 minutes or so of time. I have never seen anything like that diamond shaped ufo in my life. It was a spectacular site to witness. I didn’t hear any noise except from the helicopter. I can be more specific with the streets and such just email me. It would be extremely difficult to convince me that was an experimental secret military vehicle. Especially by the way the whole thing went down. -J

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