UFO Encounter While Camping

I’ve seen two. The first one, I was in my backyard (rural area)at night, couldn’t sleep so went outside at 2a.m. to sit in backyard for some fresh air and a gaze at the stars to relax. It slowly glided, completely silent, through the air about 40 yards above my yard and house, it was lit up, it was disk shaped, it caused a breeze as it passed, it was a trip to see and I waved at it.

I know, call me crazy, but I’m telling you Its true. People see them and nobody believes.

My 2nd sighting sounds so out there I didn’t believe it myself & still can’t believe it, but here goes….I was with a friend camping near a lake, beginning to doze off in my tent when I heard a low humming sound, I laid there listening and when it didn’t stop I peeked out the tent door.

What I saw across the lake, just above the treeline, was a large football (american) shaped craft. My eyes fixed on it and a yellowish light radiated from it and there were 3 rows of vertical lights that blinked in a sequence. I watched the lights go thru 2 sequences then the lights turned off & craft slowly rose up until it vanished.

I told no one, told myself I was seeing things, put it out of mind. 3 wks later I was looking thru my sons school papers & found a drawn picture of a tent, the words “HI” above tent & a beam of light coming from “HI”. I questioned son about it & he said a kid from school, he’s never met before, gave it to him!!! -Lynn

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