UFO encounter Williston, North Dakota, in February, 1960

I believe flying saucers exist. I had a close encounter with one in Williston, North Dakota, in February, 1960, and it was no earthly craft. It was hovering in my grandfather’s pasture for some time, started moving slowly, by the foot, then accellerated astonishingly fast, did a 90 degree turn without slowing down, which shocked me, then flew away over our small town. My parents said that I had had a bad dream. Next day, they were at my grandparents house. When they came home, they apologized because they had seen a large craft hovering over the Missouri River, across from their house, about a quarter mile away. It was a large tubular ship that hovered, while several of the smaller disk shaped craft danced and darted around it. I wish I had seen them as well.

That evening, on the television news, there were several other sightings reported that day from across the State. I felt vindicated. -Hank

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