UFO encounter Yorkshire Moors

Same happened to my wife and I one night on the north Yorkshire moors. It started as a speck of light in the starlight but it was moving with 2 smaller red lights. We were out of the car looking at it in the night sky , my car headlights were on and within three or four seconds is came from what seamed like outer space to within 5 feet of us. It was the size of a house and had a glow of the moon. My wife screamed and ran to the mini.

I was mesmorized but eventually ran to the car. The engine wouldn’t start. The whole of the inside was lit up like daylight. Eventually, after pulling the engine choke lever the car started. The object followed us for a mile or so meandering around the dark country roads, then without a warning the light from the object disappeared plunging our car interior into darkness…

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