UFO Experience over Waldorf, Maryland

I didn’t believe in UFOs until I had an experience with something. I’m still unsure what it was but I know what it wasn’t – an airplane. The craft flew a moderate altitude with different colors of light coming from it. It made a noise I have never heard before, a low-pitched humming. It was over Waldorf, MD and it was spotted by others so I’m not *completely* insane. F-16s were scrambled from Andrews AF base to take a look. I’m not one to get shook easily or make insane claims. But they don’t scramble fighters to chase pretend UFOs, they spotted something on radar according to the Washington Post.

Dismiss it all you want, I could care less. But I didn’t dream it up. It wasn’t flares, it wasn’t fireworks, or swamp gas. It was something else. Not saying I believe we’re visited by little green men, just that I saw something that remains unexplained.

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