UFO in 1966

I was 800 ft or so from one 50 ft off the ground in broad daylight on our farm. No denying it was some sort of craft. It was 60 ft or so in diameter. no identifiable insignia on it. It tilted to a 45 degree angle, hung motionless for a few seconds and left at a fantastic speed. This happened in 1966. I would like to believe it was ours , but given it,s configuration and the speed at which it departed I doubt it. I guess until you have had an actual encounter it is difficult to believe. And when you do recount it people question your credibility. There were 2 other people with me who saw it to. And even after seeing it,it was still difficult to believe. It would seem that if it was ours it would be public knowledge by now . It was also witnessed by my father who was in the Army air corps in ww2. He had NO idea what it was.

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