UFO in 1969

To tell you the truth I had my own experience in the summer of 1969. I was with my girlfriend walking along a hill overlooking the sea on the East Coast at about 11 p.m when we saw what looked like a star travelling rapidly in a straight line, at first we thought it was a plane although there we no other lights showing then suddenly it made an instant right angled turn to the left and carried on for a minute or so then another instant right angled turn to the right and we watched in amazement, since no plane could do that, for about twenty minutes observing several such instant changes in direction and then it disappeared.

To believe that this tiny pebble in space, which is all the earth is in the grand scheme of things, is the only one hosting intelligent life is either supreme arrogance or utter stupidity.
What does it say in the Bible? There were giants in the land in those days and they mated with the daughters of men.
Back in 70s or so EricVon Daniken wrote a series of books about ancient cave drawings in some parts of the world showing pictures of creatures in what appear to be very accurate depictions of space suits and helmets and all sorts of evidence of visitations to our earth which exist,
Interesting stuff and I have an open mind.

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