Witnessed a UFO with neighbors in Spring 1976

I’ve seen a UFO or something similar. No joking and I’m not on my own on this one. I don’t know what to make of it after all this time that has passed. In the late spring of 1976 I was standing in my neighbours garden, it was virtually dark and a warm clear star lit night. We where talking about astronomy and he was pointing a satellite out to me. Just then at extremely high altitude an object about the magnitude of the average star crossed the sky in a zig zag pattern slowing and speeding up. It was all over in a couple of minutes or so and we looked at each other but where speechless. Neither of us had any idea of what it was and not been attracted to alien theories didn’t even guess. it looked like a zig zaging satellite. My friend died in the 90’s but ironically I was talking to an ex RAF man at a party this christmas and he boldly announced a similar story, he too has no idea what to make of it. I have looked on the internet since and there are others with similar stories. One thing I do know is that it wasn’t an illusion.

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