UFO in UK December 1978

These objects are real. I saw one. It was a long time ago now. I wasn’t alone. There were a few of us. December 1978 loads of snow, at least a foot and a half deep, it was dark. We went on the moors to make a slide and it came out of nowhere. It was quite big. Thought it was a helicopter at first until it got real close and we realised It made no noise at all and it was round. You could feel an electrostatic charge in the air, three green lights on the bottom, with a very dull red one in the middle that looked more like a UV or infra red lamp that was like beating very slowly, fading to almost black and then back to a very dull red over about 30 seconds a cycle. It came to within 200 meters of us Certainly put the creeps up me and my mates. Must have set a new land speed record over snow to get back to town Next day went to the police station to report it. Got the mickey taken out of us. They were doing the smash alien advert while we were trying to explain. Low and behold last year the telegraph runs a story about the same object seen between december 1978 and february 1979 that even the police had reported to their superiors as it was buzzing ROF.

Weren’t taking the p1ss then were they when they chased it in their patrol cars. I kept the newspaper as it was on the front page, and the police artist impression was exactly the same as the one we took to the police.
Telegraph published it last year as the info was released. I’ve kept it in my drawer.

My theory sounds a bit outlandish I know but I think it holds water.
Between September 1978 and Febrauary 1979 we were at the height of the cold war. There were more nuclear device detonations on this planet than at any other time in the planets history. The russians did three in december and the americans did 2, just in december alone, there were more the following months. The snowfall in that time period was considered heavy in this area of the uk. Anyway I think whatever this object was it was taking samples of the fir trees in that area. They are very susceptible to minute amounts of radiation picked up from the atmosphere and I beleive whoever or whatever it was, it was taking samples.

I could waffle on about why I think so because there was more to this story but I aint saying nothing okay.
Anyway check the records, you’ll find It all took place.
Anyway, I’m not arsed what anyone else thinks, I saw it and they didn’t. i was there, and there were others too.

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