UFO Light Ball Sighting In Wisconsin

Years ago, I saw something in the mountains of Wisconsin. A bright ball. My first impression was a fire ball but it was moving to fast to be a jet but too slow to be a meter. It was probably about 5-7 miles into the valley from the road we were on. All traffic stopped to watch it. It disappeared into the tree line then a huge flash of bright light. The sky and mountains lite up like day. Maybe 2-3 seconds.

We high tailed it to the store we were headed to. We waited about 45 mins before heading back home. The valley was full of helicopters with bright lights. All circling one spot. Other ppl were stopped, watching but we went home. Never heard about it. Not a crash, a meter , nothing. They hide it. Like I said before, this isn’t normal for the government. They hide these types of things.

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