UFO Newport News, VA August 2013

this is real about 13 months ago i was sitting on my deck above my backyard having a cigarette and it was a very clear night and there were stars in the sky and as i was looking in the sky i seen 2 orange lights they looked like spotlights and they were like blinking but slow then they turned to 3 and they were like rotating in a triangular formation had to be nomore than 300 ft in the air and whatever they were coming from was freaking huge and dark i called my wife out and she seen it and got her camera but it was to dark to get footage. Its was like it knew we were looking at it because it sat there for like 5 mins and vanished it didnt move it just disappeared then we went in the house and like an hour later i was in my daughters room looking out the window to see if it came back and it was directly above the house but it just faded away again because it started to get cloudy

anybody who doesn’t believe this stuff is real is a idiot there’s billions of galaxys and planets were not alone….

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