UFO on radar off the Cornish Coast in 1955

Sometime in summer of 1955 – radar picked up an object many miles from the Cornish coast, with a height of 80,000 feet plus. A misread by the radar station? Perhaps, until a second, then third station also had it on the screens. Within minutes the activity at the plotting centre grew and along the balcony overlooking the plotting table so much ‘Scrambled Egg’ that it was obviously of immense, and concern. The ‘object’ slowed down, and the height , lower. Two separate fighter aircraft units took off from two different airfields. Gradually closing in on the ‘object’. I believe the top speed of those air-planes was 700 mph. When the RAF planes got nearer, the object shot off at an alarming speed, and was taken over by another area. Radar Stations asked what it was. They were informed they had not seen anything, their radar was wrong and would be recalibrated. The entire episode never happened and I have never seen any remarks of the sighting. That is a true story. Fact. Abridged.

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