UFO sighting – Black triangle Austria/Slovakia border 1990

I saw one craft you could call a UFO in Austria near the border with Slovakia the summer of 1990. It was a large dark triangle with 4 twinkling lights one on each point and one in the back center. It had to have been a quite large object and it stayed perfectly still in the sky for an hour and half making absolutely no noise that any of us could hear. It was reported that this type of craft was photographed dozens of times by people all over Europe around that time. The interesting thing about it is that it stayed in one place for such a long time, it felt like it was on display almost being shown off like at a car show. I did not get any alien vibe from it but who knows what or who was flying it. We still don’t have anything close to this 24+ years later. The only other thing I can think of is that it is reverse engineered craft, but if it was a secret project, what was the purpose to have it on display for so long?

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