UFO sighting Cork, Ireland late 1980’s

One of the best UFO sightings I had was back in the later 80’s in Cork. I saw what at first appeared as a meteor streaking down. A good many was green as this was, yet something different about the way it was dropping and the color/brightness. I yelled to my wife to bring the video camera. I wanted to record this one. As it neared a treeline in the distance, suddenly it flipped around and I could see a triangular shape in the green. The broad end flared a fiery red, but made no sound at all. Then in an instant, it shot straight up in the sky out of our sight before my wife returned. Never have I seen anything like that and so clearly.

Any other sightings I have had were quite high up in the sky and flying a few thousand miles per hour. They left a light trail and suddenly would make a right or left 90 degree turn then zip out of sight. Not a common aircraft I can tell you that much

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