UFO Sighting in Bala 1979

I was one of a large group of people in a village near Bala back in 1979 who saw UFOS as clear as I could see my own hand. Not a blur of a quick image, we actually saw it as clear as day. A Low flying round UFO dark with red flickering lights that came right above us for minutes. Someone from a government agency who later arrived made us each go off (away from each other) to draw pictures of what we saw. Other than artistic differences the images were the same.

On the national news that night it was reported there had been many sightings between Dolgellau and Bala. In addition all night there were RAF jets, all flying in the same direction. Nobody seemed interested in investigating this then, it still shocks me. I still picture everything in my mind clearly. To date I have never seen any plane as large, or impressive, or that can fly as quick from a hovering position.

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