UFO sighting in Bermuda

I saw a UFO near where we live outside of SouthHampton, Bermuda. Note I am not saying I saw alien craft from space because I don’t know where t originated from and it could have very well come from Earth-and probably did. It scared the bejesus out of me, I’ll tell you that. It looked like your typical flying saucer and had BRIGHT green lights all around it, and was just hovering half over land, half over the ocean. Then the lights changed from green to flashing yellow and red and it shot off sideways at SUPER speed over the ocean and out of sight. Others saw it, too-there was an article in our newspaper and the marine police received tons of calls but didn’t know what it was. They even went out to have a look because someone else saw green and they thought it might have been a flare from a boat in distress. I got a good look and it was no boat. It made me wonder what the heck it was doing over here in our waters-there’s nothing of interest here!

Oh, and it was HUGE. When it shot off sideways, I was surprised something so big could move so fast. My husband was joking that aliens might come back and get us but in all seriousness, the thing that concerned me was the bright lights because I couldn’t see properly for a few seconds afterwards. I was concerned that the lights from whatever it was had burned my retinas and I’d go blind or something-I actually went to the eye doctor to make sure my eyes were o.k. Those lights were the brightest things I’d ever seen, which may explain why you can see them so clearly when they’re in the sky. I think thy’re military-related, personally.

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