UFO sighting in Clarksville, KY 10-30-2014

I saw something weird here in clarksville (KY.) the day before halloween last year. It was getting dark out and I just got home. I was looking up as I walked towards the house and I was looking at what one would think was a large yellow star. The star I was admiring then shifted its position in the sky by a large margin. It moved at a staggering speed. Stars are not supposed to move are they, or planets for that matter correct? From what it looked like it seemed to be spinning place. Very fast. It could not stay still it would pop away from its position it was spinning so fast but go right back to the original point it had shifted to and began rotating rapidly once more. There was a light that would get brighter than fade away during this process that surrounded the object.

I stopped walking and just observed. Then the object got bright again and shot straight down to the ground. No sound or explosion could be noticed. I do not know what it was. I didn’t see anything on the web about it yet. You have my contact info if you want to know anything else.

– Cedric K

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