UFO sighting in Flint, NY 2002

I have certainly witnessed two UFOs, having the benefit of my wife also witnessing them with me, and we were watching them fly at speeds unrivaled by even shooting stars in the sky. These flying lights were crossing our entire field of vision to the point where we were almost turning our heads to keep track within half a second or so, going behind trees miles away under the horizon and peeking back up for about a minute and a half, I have no doubt that there are strange things that cannot be explained. The aerial display these craft presented us was something we will never forget. This was in 2002 when we were living in Flint, NY.

I’ve thought “if I only I had my camera” but even video would have been so grainy and hard to track that it would have been doubted or inconclusive as real..but we know what we saw, and it was not experimental human aircraft. So it wouldn’t have really mattered. I’ve never seen anything close to this it moved smoother in the skies than a fish in water.

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