UFO sighting in Knoxville, TN July 25, 2014

This went down just a few days ago in the outskirts of Knoxville TN! I stepped out for a smoke on my veranda to enjoy a sky covered with bright stars and a clear quarter moon. I wasn’t out for more than half a smoke when suddenly, a “star” shot past at about 200 feet in an upward arc up into the night sky. I was so enthused! “Finally!”, I thought: “I get to see an amazing shooting star!” Then it dawned on me: “That can’t be a shooting star at all.” How can a shooting star be just about 200 ft above my house than shoot up in an upwards arc like an upside down L but curved..

A star cannot be falling inside the earth’s atmosphere and go back out!

Now, it could NOT have been a plane (no sound whatsoever and too fast) nor could it be a helicopter. It could not be a meteor or any falling stuff because it flew by horizontally.

Was it a beam of light? No! can’t be! A beam of light travels at the speed of light so one does NOT get to see any travel. One gets to see the beam or not. In other words, a beam of light would appear or disappear, but one would not be able to see the light particles traveling in the beam!
After putting all these analysis together, I can only conclude that at last, I finally got to see an actual UFO.

Unfortunately, the experience was NOT as spectacular and earth shaking as I would have wished but it was still something.

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