UFO sighting in Notthinghamshire, England in the mid 1960’s

When I was a kid in the mid sixties, in Nottinghamshire, I saw something strange in the sky. It was either a spring or autumn afternoon, very cool with a clear blue sky. We were having PE in the school yard. I looked up and saw over the town skyline an object in the sky, it was high and moving quickly – but not so much that I couldn’t make out some detail. I pointed it out to some of my friends and we stood and watched it as it tracked across the sky. It was shaped something like a short, upright barrel, silver with some red markings, As it was about to pass out of sight to the west a RAF Hunter jet appeared from the east, on the same heading, height and altitude.

I have no idea what the object was …. obviously not a balloon (too fast) and obviously not a conventional aircraft …. and why would an experimental aircraft be flown over a Nottinghamshire town? But Aliens? Somehow I don’t think so.

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