UFO sighting in Raleigh, NC on October 31, 2010

I saw one on October 2010, I was at a corn maze for a halloween scare with a few friends and we were out in a rural area with open fields and crops. It was about 11pm, and we were waiting in a long line to get onto the trail to run through the gauntlet and try and act brave. Well I got bored waiting so looked up at all the stars while my friends were talking and messing on there phones. While staring I noticed that a few of the stars seemed to be moving. As I stared I realised that it was actually a triangular shaped shadow moving across the sky, and what seemed to be moving were little lights on its ends. It was a huge black triangular craft flying above. If I hadn’t been staring I would not have noticed it. It was very large and made no noise what so ever. It moved slowly across the sky, very well blended in to the back ground. As I watched for a while, I finally got myself to tell others to look, but it was hard to see and they couldn’t find it by that time. It was not something that just jumped out at me you had to be looking. They are disguised in plain view to us.

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