UFO sighting in Sheffield Dec, 31 1978

On New Years Eve 1978, I was driving home to Harrogate from London, on the M1 round Sheffield, it was round 1930, it had been snowing, but the traffic was moderate. We observed a row of lights to the east of us, at least as large as a Boeing747, at about 10,000 feet, they were transiting from North to South, but moving far faster than and civil or military aircraft would be moving at that apparent altitude, most certainly from the observed size.

The visibility at the time was good, no more than 2/8th cloud – (no I had not been drinking)

The traffic on the M1 slowed to a crawl, as many drivers attention was drawn to the object.

The following day we heard on the news that there had been over 5000 reports of this object, the length of Britain, and they were dismissed by the authorities as an aircraft.

I have spent a major part of my life flying and working round aircraft, and from the apparent size estimated altitude and the speed that it transited the sky, above our horizon, the object was not likely to be any civil or military conventional aircraft.

i still believe 38 years on that what we observed that New Years eve was probably a UFO. -Kenneth S

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