UFO sighting in the Australian Outback

A co-worker and I saw a UFO in the outback. We had finished our shifts and were at the mining camp carpark loading bags into the carboot when my friend suddenly grabs my arm so tightly it hurt and yells “WTF is that!!!” and points to the sky. It was a supermoon that night and we saw 3 glowing pulsating orbs moving at an insane speed in the sky around a much much larger object.

I dropped my bag and our jaws dropped, I tried to process what I was looking at, closed my eyes and reopened, blinked, I served 10years in the Defence Force, 5 in Air Force and had never seen a craft move at such angles at that much speed. We stared for approx 3 minutes as the orblike crafts and the much bigger craft sped towards us then in an instant, it was gone, like someone turned the lights off. We noticed the farmer next working his fields tried to move the spotlight towards the craft.

I’m not religious, I’m not an alien believer, I don’t do drugs or drink a lot of alcohol. I’ll never forget it.

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