UFO sighting in the spring of 1995

In the spring of 1995 I saw something one night with my ex wife. It was hovering about 70′ above the ground just above the trees. It was immense, nothing that big should have been able to fly. I could see about 1/2 mile of it but knew it did not end there. I had no idea how big it was as it was so close, I could not tell if it was a rectangle or triangle because of the angle, it was about three to four stories thick, it made no sound but had heat waves coming out of an area by the front of it. At first I was intrigued but then got scared and we ran in the house so I did not see it leave the area.

Not sure what it was, but at the time I know we did not make it, the lights were a pure white, like nothing I had seen since LED’s came out a few years ago.

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